Hand tooled Leather vs. Embossed Leather

Hand carved, Hand tooled leather deer scene in full colorIf you haven’t had the opportunity to experience hand-carved, hand tooled leather, you are in for an incredible treat.

Let’s start with what hand carved, hand tooled leather is not. Hand-carved, hand tooled leather is not embossed leather – don’t let other merchants fool you into believing that. Nor is the leather used to hand carve and hand tool leather a synthetic leather or “leatherette”. Hand carved, hand tooled leather products start with a special, real cowhide leather, which is called “tooling leather”. This leather is heavier than garment grade leathers, higher quality, much more durable, longer lasting, and is designed to hold a carved, tooled image.

Not only does this leather last years longer than garment leather, synthetic leather, or “leatherette”, but, it does not contain added adhesives (which is a common “cost-saving” method many companies that produce leather goods use), which not only degrade over time (making the leather much less long lasting & much less durable), but produce a sub-standard product.

The difference between hand carved, hand tooled leather and embossed leather is huge, and is best illustrated by considering wine. Embossed leather products, including embossed “leatherette” products are like wine in a box. Yes, it’s a journal or a purse or a planner – but, it’s not the same caliber as a $500 bottle of wine. As a matter of fact, everything, right down to the care used in creating the product is worlds apart.

Hand Carved, tooled leather eagle sceneAs you know, a fine wine is carefully produced – the soil must be just right, a special combination of grapes is selected – and everything, absolutely everything – right down to the combination of wood used in the barrel to age it is carefully considered. No detail is left to chance or handled carelessly. The same is true for hand carved, hand tooled leather – every stroke of the blade that creates the basis of the design, every placement of the tool, every swing of the mallet – even the type and weight of leather – it’s all carefully considered to provide you the very best, most distinguished leather product available.

On the other hand, embossed “leather” is the caliber of wine in a box. The care isn’t taken to produce it – because it is not meant to be the best of the best. It’s for a different market – a different type of consumer. It’s not even aged in barrels! It’s simply created and put straight into that box – 1,000’s of gallons at a time. Even the yeast is different – and killed by heat so that every box of wine is exactly the same as the rest. And, friend, that is exactly what the other “leather” (including “leatherette”) journals, purses, and planners manufacturers do – they create a product that is not meant for your refined tastes – it’s meant for quick, cheap, mass production. It’s created with little more thought than dumping 1,000’s in a box, and shipping them out – so that every embossed journal “tastes” exactly the same. There is not distinguished status there – only production for the masses.

As opposed to embossed leather, hand carved, hand tooled leather is actually skillfully created individually, by skilled artisian’s hands! It is not possible to mechanize the process of hand carving and hand tooling leather. Like a very fine wine, each detail is carefully considered and added with specialty leather tools with great care and exceptional skill. Each hand carved, hand tooled leather product from Legacy Journals is it’s own work of art – completely unique, and designed for refining tastes – for distinguished men and women – for those who want something more than “wine in a box” from their leather journals, portfolios, purses, planners, and more.

Hand Carved, Hand tooled leather El Arco, Los CabosEmbossed leather, on the other hand, is created with a machine – and is not capable of producing gallery quality details that enhance the image like hand carving and hand tooling leather. In other words, if you want a leather product that will stand the test of time, and is truly distinguished and unique – expressing your personality, your style, and speaks volumes about you, an embossed leather product simply will not do. After all, not only is embossing leather done with a machine – but, it uses plates – which means that your “unique” embossed leather product is exactly the same as 100’s or possibly 1000’s of other “unique” embossed leather products. That is simply not the case with hand carved, hand tooled leather. No two pieces will ever be exactly alike – even if they are using the same design. Now, two hand carved, hand tooled leather products may be similar – but, I will personally guarantee that two will never be exactly the same.

In summary, if you are looking for the boxed wine of leather products, this is not the place for you to be, our products are not that caliber of product. If you want to settle for average and ordinary, there are thousands, perhaps millions, of stores where you can find just that. However, if you are looking for superior quality, longevity, distinguished excellence, and gallery quality art on your leathe products, you are in the right place. Shop online – and, if you don’t find what you are dreaming of, simply call me toll free to discuss a design that expresses your distinguishing tastes perfectly.

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