Welcome to Legacy Journals!

Legacy Journals is a small family oriented group of artists specializing in extraordinarily high quality hand made leather products.  The individually handcrafted custom leather journals, custom leather books, custom leather scrapbooks & albums, custom leather portfolios, padfolios, and binders, custom leather planners.  We even specialize in custom leather desk pads or blotters (from normal up to very large sizes).  All are designed and made one at a time to last a lifetime.  Custom created specifically with you in mind and carefully individualized and made by hand according to your specific tastes and wishes.  These make wonderful gifts, just be sure to order early to allow ample production time – remember, nothing is produced until the order is finalized.

Our skilled craftsmen, with  years of leather working experience, can accommodate almost every request – if it can be sketched, we can usually carve and tool that image onto your leather product. We take pride in creating custom leather products that reflect your unique personality & life!